Home of the Legendary $1 Draft
Woody's Tavern

Home of the Legendary $1 Draft

"If You Tap It, They Will Come"

- Maryland Proverb

Well, We Tapped it! 18 Taps of the Coldest Drafts in Maryland

Due to ongoing pandemic impacts, our hours may vary from posted schedule.

Check with us by calling (301) 743-6988.

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Home of the Legendary $1 Draft!


Woody’s Tavern has two great tables for you to throw your 8-ball, 9-ball or cutthroat game down on.  Got mad skills? Consider joining one of our sponsored local pool league teams and proudly represent the best tavern in Southern Maryland.


Woody’s Tavern has two dart boards for you to wow your friends with your hand eye coordination.  We believe that, aside from a darn good beer, there isn’t much better than a game where you get to drink and throw sharp objects at the wall.  Play responsibly.


Grab the mic, take your fifteen minutes of fame and belt out whatever tune strikes your fancy.  Karaoke nights at Woody’s Tavern are off the hook.


Pinball, video games, cards and board games…   Woody’s Tavern is a great place to grab a beer, and get your game on.  Come enjoy some thirsty competition!


You can get a Legendary $1 draft and bank your winning numbers without ever leaving your bar stool.  Just don’t forget us when you’re a millionaire, eh?

Woody’s Tavern Events

Special Events at Woody’s Tavern are always an epic experience.  Whether we’ve got a charity event on tap, a special guest chef throwing down the gourmet pub grub, or just a darn good karaoke night, you can be sure it’ll be a good time.  Our place is also a perfect place to host your own event.  Contact us to learn more, or check out our schedule of upcoming events!

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Take control of the tunes at the touch of a button, or with the Touch Tunes app on your mobile device, and get the party started your way!

Chive TV

The entertainment doesn’t stop just because the game does!  Our big screens stream the best jaw-dropping viral videos on the internet via Chive TV.  

Charity Raffles

Woody’s Tavern is committed to local small businesses and charities.  Come in and enter our weekly charity raffles, and claim your share of the pot!